About Us

Chosen Koi is owned and operated by Paul Green who has been a passionate koi keeper for over 14 years. Back in 2015 he decided to take the step from being a hobbyist to a specialist koi carp dealer and began construction of his superb facility based in Essex.

The store focuses on livestock only and all of the Koi for sale are exclusively imported from Japan. The whole ethos behind this is “Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well”.

A great deal of focus is placed on customer service and Paul is keen to ensure that he can dedicate his undivided attention to anybody who visits Chosen Koi. For this reason he decided to operate on an appointment only basis. So each and every visitor can enjoy a cuppa and a chat while viewing the collection of top quality Koi.


Castle Point Borough Council: Animal Activity Licence no.102

Our focus is on buying the best that’s why each and every Koi is ‘Chosen’ by the owner Paul Green.
One to one attention for all clients visiting Chosen Koi, offers unparalleled service.
Purpose built facility provides optimum conditions to maintain on Koi in the best conditions.

Experience the difference

Buying from Chosen Koi is an experience like no other and this stems from Paul wanting to provide a service and experience that he was never able to find as a hobbyist. 

Such a service requires time to be dedicated to each and every client whether visiting the facility or providing support over the phone. For this reason the company operates on an appointment only basis. So whether you wish to visit the facility or discuss an online order over the phone rest assured you will have Pauls undivided attention.

The purpose built Koi house is not only comfortable and relaxed for visitors but it also provides everything the Koi need. The ponds are temperature controlled and have full daylight meaning the skin and pigmentation can be kept in top condition. Having natural daylight also means that nutritious algae still grows on the pond walls providing with an essential part of their diet.