Taniguchi Koi Farm Sanke - Tosai Koi Review

Prior to the harvest of our Taniguchi Koi Farm tosai koi grow out pond, I want to take a look at a few of the koi in detail starting with this excellent Sanke.

As one of the most prominent varieties at the farm alongside Kohaku, his Sanke are very popular. The style is somewhat similar to that of the Sakai Sanke. Not surprising given that many of the oyagoi have originated from SFF. The most notable difference however being the affordability and accessibility.

This Sanke was the pick of the bunch in my opinion but possibly the most difficult to understand. The heavier sumi can lead people to think that it will eventually dominate the pattern. I don’t anticipate this will be the case as it is common with this style of sumi that it simply holds and the rest of the patterns grows around it.

Sumi is the stand out quality, it’s super thick with a great lustre. The bone structure is set well with a nice big head which will lead to a powerful looking body as it grows. As you can see the skin quality is superb, especially the kiwa which is already very refined.

Last but not least is the pattern which is technically very good, the maruten style head pattern and the odome are all very desirable characteristics. You may consider the pattern to be a little “heavy” at the minute but with good growth will come nice subtle changes particularly to the smaller areas of shiroji which will become more prominent.

Taniguchi Koi Farm is a top Japanese koi breeder and his fish can deliver exceptional results in growth and development. I can’t wait to catch this one up shortly to see how it has progressed.

Tosai Sanke - Taniguchi Koi Farm

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